How to remove conflicting VIB's during Esxi host upgrade

So you want to upgrade your Esxi version from 5.5 to 6.5 using the host upgrade option with the vsphere client, which in my case that is what I was trying to perform. I have a Cisco UCS server, so I downloaded the custom Cisco image from the Vmware website to make life a little easy during the upgrade.

So when you create a new baseline for your Cisco UCS image and attach it to the host (I am assuming you guys know how to create a baseline and attach it to the host) and within update manager click on the "Scan for Updates" button and select "Upgrades".


You notice that after the scan completes in the summary box below, that the status details say that there are a few conflicting VIB's that need to be removed in order for the upgrade to proceed.


Here is what you do to remove those VIB's, so that you can proceed with the upgrade.

  • Enable SSH on the desired host from the security profile of the host
  • Use Putty and ssh to the host using the root credentails
  • Once at the console, type  the command --> esxcli software vib list
  • Match the conflicting Vib name that you encountered earlier to this list and note down the name. (In my case it was net-mst)
  • So at the ssh console type the command --> esxcli software vib remove -n=net-mst
  • Once the VIB has been removed, it will prompt you for the reboot. So go ahead and reboot your host.
  • Once the host is back and connected within your vcenter, go under update manager and scan for updates again and this time, you should see the image being Non-Compliant. Now you can proceed with the Remediation of this host to apply this image.