How to expand a RAID array on HPE servers running Esxi

I have an existing RAID 6 array created on my HPE Gen 9 server with 6 X 1.8 Tb SAS disks, which gives me a usable capacity of 6.5 Tb. Since this is an Esxi server, I have presented a datastore of the entire existing capacity. Now I need to buy 2 new disks and plug them in and expand the raid array and then expand the datastore on this Esxi server. So after inserting the 2 new disks, you need to go to the Intelligent Provisioning tool on HPE server and expand the array from that interface. Below are the steps that you will have to perform.

Please note that the time that is takes to expand the array depends on the speed of the disks you have and also the size of the array that you wish to expand. So i cant really tell you the approx time this will take, however I can assure you that this is going take a LOT of time!

  • Reboot the server and at the boot up screen hit the F10 button to go inside the Intelligent Provisioning interface.

  • Accept the EULA box and hit the next arrow

  • Select Perform Maintainence

  • Hit the HPE Smart Storage Administrator option

  • Once inside the interface make sure you select the RAID controller card on the the left and click on Configure

  • Then select the logical array on top and click on Manage Data Drives

  • Select the new disks that you have inserted and click next

  • Verify everything is in place and hit finish

  • You will now see under the active tasks that the Logical disks which you have just added are in a transforming state. This process will take a LOT of time.

  • Once the transforming is done, it will go through a parity initialization which again takes a lot of time. ( You can start the server at this time and the parity will continue to run in the background)

After the parity initialization is complete, you can now extend your Logical drive.


After this has been extended, verify the size on the logical volume and then you can start your server. In my case when I started the Esxi server up, I was able to extend my existing datastore without any issues.