The host does not have Netbackup Host-ID based security certificate installed

I recently upgraded my Netbackup 7.6.1 installation to 8.0, purely because the older version is end of life and not supported by Veritas. I absolutely love  the earlier 7.6.1 version, it was light and had a very good user interface. The newer 8.0 is a horrible java based bullshit what they have done in my opinion and ruined a simple application. Anyway its's enough of my rant about the 8.0 version as you guys are not reading this post for that!

So after performing an in-place upgrade from 7.6.1 to 8.0, when I tried to open up my console I was presented with the below error.

I clicked the HELP button as you see above and its talks about generating a new certificate and then installing it. My initial thought was, "Ok this looks simple enough". However it soon turned into a nightmare! I just couldn't get the first command to work to get a certificate and it would just hang on me and also give me crazy client/server handshake errors. One of the tech notes online mentioned to check if the Netbackup Web Management Console service is running and it was but no luck.

bin>nbcertcmd.exe -getCACertificate

After working with Veritas for a day and a half we figured out a solution. It does ease the pain as it bypasses the certificate authentication and lets you inside the console. So here is what you need to do which involves creating a string value in the server registry. If you think you are bold enough to venture into the registry follow the below steps!

  • Open Registry by typing Regedit
  • Navigate to HKLM\Software\Veritas\Netbackup\CurrentVersion\Config
  • Create a String value  under Config called BPJAVA_ALLOW_LEGACY_CERT_FALLBACK
  • Set the value to 1
  • Restart your Netbackup services

Hopefully after you restart and then try and open up the god-forsaken 8.0 admin console and enter in your credentials you should no longer get that certificate error and it should let you in the admin console.

PS: I hate Netbackup 8.0 and I hate JAVA!


Error ndmpagent (pid=6536) ndmp_data_connect_v3 failed, status = -1

While backing up my NDMP share I kept getting an annoying message and the backups were failing, everything was configured fine in my Netbackup 8 console but the error still persisted with the below message.

All I had to do is open up the firewall ports on the Windows server and the backup started working, so in case you see the same message try opening up the firewall ports and re-run the backup.

The ports that should be opened are from 1025-5000, as an inbound rule using the windows firewall.


How to backup a mapped drive using Netbackup

Last week I had a situation where I needed to backup one of my external QNAP device and after looking around this is one of the methods I used in order to get the job done, there maybe other methods out there but this is the one I used!

  • Modify the bpstart_notify.bat and  bpend_notify.bat file under /program files/veritas/netbackup/bin


net use Q: \\\data admin /USER:\admin

Q: This is the mapped drive letter than you need, I choose Q but you can select what you want

IP: This is the ip address of the external location and  the share name eg: \\\data

admin: This is the password for accessing the share (If you have a password set, then you can enter it here)

/USER: This is the user name for accessing the share, so the ip followed by the user name (admin)

 As you can tell from the explanation above my username and password for accessing the share on the external storage is admin:admin.

  • Save the bpstart_notify.bat file


  • net use /DELETE Q:

Here after the backup is done just delete the mapped drive.


Now make a new policy in Netbackup with the following information:

 Make sure "Backup Network Drives" is checked!


Now schedule a full backup and start the backup job and if you have configured it the right way, you should now see the data being backed up!


Destination client for restores greyed out in Netbackup

Every now and then I land up in the same issue where my destination client for restore option within Netbackup is greyed out and I have to sit and fix  that before I can start my restore which is really annoying!

So here is a simple fix to that...

Go to the registry here --> HKLM -> Software ->Veritas -> Netbackup -> CurrentVersion ->Config

Under this make sure the "Client_Name" and the "Server" keys have the same value which in my case should be the FQDN of the netbackup server. (

In my case the Client key did not show up the full FQDN of my sever so I had to edit that and once done the destination client for restores tab was no longer greyed out!


E8523 - Failed to send data to agent - CA ARCserve 12.5

Alright so I was trying to restore some files from my backup tapes for a user and the restore job kept failing again and again with the same message saying

"E8523 - Failed to send data to agent - CA ARCserve 12.5"

So I changed the values for the registry keys found under

HKLM\SOFTWARE\ComputerAssociates\CA ARCServe Backup\ClientAgent\Parameters

ReceiveTimeOut and SendTimeOut to a decimal value of 3600 from 1200.. some suggested changing it to a higher value in case the job failed but I stuck to the former and changed it to 3600 and then stopped all my CaArCserve services by running to batch file "cstop.bat" which can be found under "C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\ARCserve Backup" and then started the services by using another batch file "cstart.bat" found under the same location.

After that I started the restore again and this time it worked! So I guess the registry change did indeed work and I did not even have to reboot the server!