10fb does not support flow control autoneg - Vmware Esx 6.5

I had recently used the HPE custom ISO image downloaded from the vmware website for my HPE Gen 9 server. I wanted to install Vmware Esxi 6.5 on it. Everything went as expected and I was able to get that installed and running. This server had a dual port 10Gb network adapter added on as a card from Intel as you see below.


After a while, I started getting loads of messages in my VmKernel.log file under /var/log/vmkernel.log and the message read as

10fb does not support flow control autoneg

So after looking around, I figured this might be an issue with my native driver for this card which was of the version 1.4.1.


I then proceeded to download a different version of the driver for this card to see if that fixes the problem and I found a version ixgbe version 4.5.3 on the Vmware website and I downloaded that. Click on this LINK.

This is compatible with Esxi 6.5, so don't worry. After this was downloaded I copied it to a datastore locally on the host and then SSH'ed using the root password and installed the VIB using the below command.

esxcli software vib install -v {Complate path to the VIBFILE}

Reboot the host

After the host comes back up, disable the old driver and enable the new one

esxcli system module set -e=true -m=ixgbe (This enables the new driver)
esxcli system module set -e=false -m=ixgben (This disables the old driver)

After this has been completed, you can reboot the host and then check the vmkernel log again using the below command to see if you are getting the alert again, and hopefully you should not!

tail /var/log/vmkernel.log -f

You can check the driver on your vmnic adapter as well by using                                               esxcli network nic get -n vmnic6 and you should get the below output with the updated driver version.


-Ali Hassan

A file I/O error occurred while accessing - Vmware converter V2V


So this morning, I was trying to convert a virtual machine running on a Hyper-V host on a different domain to another using the Vmware converter tool. The destination was to the Vmware 5.5 cluster. I had installed the vmware converter on the Hyper-V machine and ran through the initial setup and clicked on the finish button. When I did that after a while I got an error "A file I/O error occurred while accessing". After looking around for a while I realized that from my source machine I cannot ping the FQDN of my Vcenter server and the destination host that I am trying to migrate this virtual machine to, even though I can ping the IP's the DNS names cannot be pinged.

So it was pretty straight forward from this point, I opened by the local hosts file, on the source server and made some manual entries to the vcenter server and the destination vmware host. After I did that I re-ran my conversion tool and this time it worked! (I hope you know how to get the local host file on a server to make manual entries, if you don't then drop me a comment and I shall respond back!)


Unable to update Vmtools on a VM - Vix Error Code = 21009

When updating the vmtools on a virtual machine, if you encounter the below message it most likely means you have issues with the security permissions. I have seen users also talk about how the VmwareToolsUpgraded.exe under C:\Windows\Temp has read only permissions and that causes it. In my case this wasnt the issue.


What you need to do is shut the VM down and go to the below settings

  • Right click edit settings
  • Click on the Options tab on top
  • Select the General option from the below table
  • Then click on Configuration Parameters
  • At the end add a Row by clicking on a button called "Add Row" and enter the below configuration line and then start the VM.