0x3eb cluster resource

Unable to bring the MSDTC resource online in a windows failover cluster - 0x3eb cluster resource

This morning, I had created my new Windows 2016 failover cluster and when I was trying tp create my MSDTC resource or for that matter any resource, I was unable to bring it online and it was failing at the network name bit. The disks were alright and were shared between the hosts but the resource just wouldn't come online!

After digging around, I figured out that my CNO (Cluster network object) did not have the "Create computer objects" permission, on the OU it was trying to create my MSDTC object. So all I had to do was go to the properties of my OU, which the objects was trying to be created and right click --> properties


On the next dialog box, go to the security tab and click the Advance button


Then click Add


Then click the "Select a principal" option


Here put the CNO name of your windows failover cluster, mine was ALSTAR$ and hit OK


In the permissions windows, make sure the "Create Computer Objects" permission is granted to the CNO and click OK.


Once this is done, try and bring your MSDTC resource online and hopefully it should come online without any issues!