How To Delete Or Cancel Hung Print Jobs In Windows

How To Delete Or Cancel Hung Print Jobs

Today, one of my user had clogged my entire print queue on a server giving a 4GB print job!! I mean who does that??!. This stopped all my other print jobs from starting and all the users had started complaining.

I tried deleting his job from the print queue manager on the server and I got an Access Denied message, so not sure what was going on. So I finally performed the below steps to blow that 4GB print job from the queue!

  • Stop the Print Spooler service

  • Go to the folder —> C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers

  • In that folder look for all the .SPL files, which are the spool files and locate the one with the massive size that you want to delete and blow it away.

  • Start the Print Spooler service back on

  • After that if you see the print queue on the server, you should not see that job again and chances are that all your other print jobs should start to print.