Unable to run a program with an .exe file extension

Unable to run a program with an .exe file extension

Today one of the desktop techs in my company wanted my help in troubleshooting an issue, he was unable to run a .exe file (symrapidreleasedefsv5i32.exe) because of some stupid virus that the system had inherited!!

Anyways if you cannot run an .exe file try checking the registry coz sometimes the values are changed because of that dam virus and yeah try to be extra careful when working with the registry if you love your computer.


Start --> Run --> Regedit or type regedit in the command prompt (DOS prompt)

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ exefile \ shell \ open \ command

  • Double-click the (Default) value in the right pane
  • Delete the current value data, and then type: "%1" %* --> ( quote-percent-one-quote-space-percent-asterisk)


Also look under:


  • In the right-pane, set (default) to exefile
  • Exit the Registry Editor.