extend partitions on windows 2003

How to extend partitions on a Windows 2003 Server

OK, I cant imagine anyone still using windows 2003 servers in their environment but I do have quite a few of them in mine! (just my luck i guess)

So on the boot partition (C:\) on one of my servers, it almost ran out of disk space and there was a need to extend it. This was a virtual  machine so allocating space wasn't an issue the problem was that in Windows 2003 there is no option to "Extend Volume" as you have in Windows 2008 and above which is plain annoying!

Also the native Diskpart tool does not work, so after looking around I found the best way to do it (There were a few others but I found this one to be the safest and fastest)

Before I let you guys in on this, let me just tell you that please do this at your own risk and I do not take any responsibility if your server crashes. (even though I am sure it wont coz I just did quite a few of mine :-) )

  • Take a snapshot of the virtual machine to be safe
  • Download the EXTPART.EXE utility from HERE
  • Logon to the virtual server after expanding the space using the vsphere client
  • Open up computer management and go to disk management
  • Rescan your disks  and you should see the un-allocated space available on the drive
  • Open up the command prompt and browse to the locaton where you have saved the utility
  • Run the command 


Enter the volume name you want to extend, in my case it was C:

Enter the size in MB. (I wanted around 15GB, so I entered 15000)

Hit Enter