File Server Resource Manager cannot send emails - Windows 2012

I configured the FSRM tool on my Windows 2012 server today to manage the user quotas and restrict the end users so that they cannot place music and video files on my server. Personally I think the FSRM application is very neat and Microsoft has done a good job building that... but anyway my issue was that when I configured the application to send emails it gave me an error and in the application log I could see the below message.

5.7.1 client does not have permissions to send as this sender.

 My FSRM options were configured as

  • I created a mailbox by the with the name "FSRM" and the smtp as "fsrm@alstar.com"
  • Then opened Powershell and ran the following command to grant the FSRM computer account "SEND AS" permission on the FSRM mailbox

Add-ADPermission -identity "fsrm" -User "alstar\dc$" -ExtendedRights "Send-as"