User Interface Mode not supported - Dell MD3000i

So I was trying to configure the Dell MD3000i storage utility today and after configuring the ip's for the management ports and the 2 controllers when I tried running the Storage utility to configure  the disks I encountered an error which said:

User Interface Mode not supported

Unable to load and to prepare the installer in GUI mode

 This was quite annoying coz I spent a lot of time on this stupid error message and it turns out that if your user account which you are logged in to the server has some special characters in them you get this error.

My account had a "!"  (Domain\alihassan!) (Dont ask why, its a company standard..blah blah)

Anyhow I used my other account (Domain\alihassan123) which had no special characters and tried launching the Storage Utility again and guess what it worked!!

Hope this works!