vmware 5.5

Can i cancel Vmware snapshot, stuck at 99%!

This is probably the most trickiest decision to make at any time, you have clicked on the action to delete a snapshot on a virtual machine and its stuck at 99% for like a very long time.  You want to cancel the task, but you are not sure if its safe?!

I have had to do this a couple of times and I am thankful, everything has gotten back to normal. So the situation is, you have a snapshot at 99% and you gather up the courage to cancel it and it gets stuck again and you are just waiting! First I recommend reading up the below blog and do a quick check if at all you need to perform a hard kill. (Read this). Its a pretty well written blog and in case you want to do ahead, which I did on a couple of occasions, just enabled SSH on your host and type in the command:

services.sh restart ( Please note that this will not affect your working virtual machines and its completely safe, you might see the host getting disconnected from vcentre for a bit but it will come back, so don't worry)

Once done, the snapshot tasks will be cancelled and then you may be prompted to consolidate your disks, which would be slow as well but please don't cancel the consolidation at this point.

I know it's not recommended to cancel a snapshot, but sometimes you have to take a leap of faith!

Unable to quiesce virtual machine snapshot during backup - UPDATED

Ohh well, this has got to be  the most annoying error when it comes to backing up your virtual machines. I have a complete Vmware 5.5 environment and every now and then there comes a virtual machine for which my netbackup application cannot quiesce the guest OS and the backup fails.

The main issue when this happens is with the volume shadow copy service as that is responsible for performing this action and due to some odd reason it is not able to do its job. Now after being frustrated for days this is what I have found which has fixed my issue, so give this a try and see if it helps you out.

UPDATE: Before you try the below steps try and vmotion the virtual machine to a different host and after that try and create a manual snapshot to test. If  that continues to fail then you can try the below steps. 

  • Login to the guest vm and stop and disable the Vmware snapshot provider service
  • Start the volume shadow service and make it automatic
  • Start the virtual disk service and make it automatic

Retry the backup or even try the manual snapshot creating via your vsphere client with the quiescing option and see if it completes and if it does please leave a comment to this post!